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Tinnitus: Help For Ringing In Your Ears

Ringing in the ears
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Can I get help with ringing in the ears?

Do you suffer from ringing in the ears (tinnitus)?  Is the ringing so bothersome that it is disruptive to your lifestyle?

Get testing for tinnitus

Often referred to as ringing in the ears, tinnitus is not a disease. Rather it is a sign that something is amiss within your auditory system. Upstate Hearing Inc. in Oswego can help determine if hearing aids will help relieve the symptoms of tinnitus*.

According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders(NIDOC), roughly 10 percent of the adult population of the United States has experienced tinnitus lasting at least five minutes in 2014. This amounts to nearly 25 million Americans.

Tinnitus is often the first sign of hearing loss in older adults.  If your healthcare provider can find no medical reason for the ringing, a hearing screening by one of our licensed hearing instrument specialists may reveal a level of hearing loss as well as evaluate you for tinnitus.  While tinnitus cannot be cured, many patients find relief with the improved hearing that a hearing aid can provide.

How can hearing aids help with ringing in the ears?

Wearing hearing aids allows a person to hear sounds they might have been missing, which can effectively mask a lot of the ringing.  If you are able to hear everything going on around you, the tinnitus ringing  won’t sound as loud.

Our hearing instrument specialists will discuss the results of your hearing screening and make recommendations on what hearing aid could best relieve the ringing in your ears as well as improve any hearing loss.*  No doubt this relief will improve not only your hearing but your life!

Disclaimer: A hearing screening is intended for the sole purpose of fitting or selecting a hearing aid and is not a medical examination or audiological evaluation.

*Not everyone with tinnitus may benefit from hearing aids.

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