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Learn How Your FREE Hearing Aid FLEX:TRIAL Works

free hearing aid trial Ogdensburg
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Learn How Your FREE Hearing Aid FLEX:TRIALTM Works

Click above to start the video. Learn more about your free FLEX:TRIALTM at McLear’s Hearing Aid Sales & Service here!

Video Transcript: Looking for a truly exceptional hearing care experience? What about about a free trial?

Personalized recommendations and confidence in your purchase? Well say hello to the FLEX experience only from Unitron.

FLEX is revolutionizing the hearing care journey, empowering you every step of the way.

Here’s how it works. It starts with FLEX:TRIAL. Take a set of great sounding hearing aids home for FREE. Experience a real work assessment that lets you try them out where you live, work, and play.

You don’t live in a clinic so why would you only test your hearing there? You get to hear for yourself how hearing aids impact your day-to-day experiences without the pressure of having to make a decision or financial commitment and your hearing care professionals get a complete picture for your listening needs. You listen. They learn. It doesn’t get easier than that.

During the trial your hearing aids collect important insights that help you and you hearing care professionals better understand your true listening lifestyle.

Usage tracks things like when you make volume adjustments and how much you wear your hearing aids while Log It All collects data about where you actually spend time listening. This helps your hearing care professional recommend a technology level that’s right for you.

Ratings let you share in the moment impressions using Remote Plus, our Smart Phone app. Something sound great or not so good. Your hearing care professional will get an email if you’re making negative ratings or not wearing your hearing aids very much so they can check in and see how they can help or better prepare for discussion with your follow-up appointment.

When your real-world assessment is over, Your hearing care professional will go over all the data with you and help you choose and personalize the right solution for your unique needs. So if you spend a lot of time here. Here.  Or here. You’ll never miss a thing.

free hearing aid trial Ogdensburg

If the data shows you don’t need the higher technology level FLEX:UPGRADE give you peace of mind in your purchase decision. If your hearing needs change, you can easily upgrade the software to a higher available level and simply pay the difference. The FLEX experience make buying hearing aids easy, inclusive, and totally personalized. It will transform the way you manage your hearing care. Call Port City Hearing today!

free hearing aid trial
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