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FREE Hearing Screening

McLears free hearing screening Ogdensburg

FREE Hearing Screening

FREE Hearing Screening

A hearing screening is a quick and painless way to see how well you hear different sounds. We can determine not only if you have a hearing loss, but also what type and the severity and whether it might respond to hearing aids or other treatment.

Your hearing screening at McLear’s Hearing Aid Sales & Service:

  • Is FREE!
  • Is painless and non-invasive
  • Uses state-of-the-art equipment
  • Gives you same day results

Your Hearing Instrument Specialist will review the results of your hearing screening to determine if hearing aids are the best course of action for your issues. You will get a copy of your results for your records. If hearing aids are recommended, you will have the option for a free, no obligation, Flex:trial pair to try before you buy.

What To Expect At Your Hearing Screening

If you are here, you or someone you love may be experiencing hearing loss. Getting a hearing screening with our NYS licensed hearing instrument specialist (HIS) is the first step to improving your hearing healthcare. Feeling nervous is normal. The information here is provided to help ease any anxiety ahead of the hearing screening appointment.

Background Information Collection

Your hearing instrument specialist will collect background information, paying special attention to hearing loss history and current symptoms that may be contributing to any hearing issues that are impacting your lifestyle.

The Hearing Screening

Your hearing instrument specialist will then conduct the hearing screening. This is done in a sound-proof booth so that no outside sounds can interfere with the screening. The screening lasts about 20 minutes and is painless and non-invasive

You will be given a set of earphones that are connected to a machine that delivers tones and different sounds of speech to your ears, one ear at a time.

Your hearing instrument specialist will ask you to signal in some way when you hear a sound or a pitch. This may be raising your hand or tapping a button.

Hearing Screening Results

Your hearing instrument specialist will discuss the results of your screening and determine if hearing aids will best serve your hearing loss needs. This includes looking at your audiogram, which is a graph that shows the softest sounds you can hear at different pitches or frequencies. You will receive a copy of your screening results.

Disclaimer: A hearing screening is intended for the sole purpose of fitting or selecting a hearing aid and is not a medical examination or audiological evaluation.

What Happens Next?

The discussion will then move to whether or not you have hearing loss that would benefit from hearing aids and what device or devices would best suit you and your lifestyle. If it is determined that you would benefit from hearing aids, you will be provided with trial instruments at no charge. At the end of the trial (usually seven days), a more permanent hearing instrument solution will be discussed.

While hearing aid technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, a hearing aid will not restore normal hearing and will not prevent further hearing loss.

Call McLear’s Hearing Aid Sales & Service at (315) 713-9398 today to schedule a hearing screening appointment with our NYS licensed hearing instrument specialist. We care about your hearing!

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